Crazy Chester

I started this blog as a class assignment. I am still trying to find my “niche”. Maybe the reader(s) of this blog can suggest one. The topics on this blog will run the gamut from outdoor activities to Christianity to motorcycling to working in the financial industry. So maybe the title can be “Biker Banker Brings a Bible in the Backpack.”

 I use the handle Chester online. No real reason, I got the name from the line in the song “The Weight”, by the Band: “Crazy Chester followed me, and he caught me in the fog”. I also liked the name from Chet Atkins, one of the all-time great guitarists of the mid-20th century.

I signed up for a blogger account and had to give a last name, so I used “Arthur”. I am a history student and knew there was a president named Chester A. Arthur back in the 1800’s. I didn’t know much about him, so I looked him up. On Wikipedia, of course, that most-trusted source of all knowledge. Turns out ol’ Chester had more than a passing resemblance to the current Administration in some interesting ways – see the post labeled “Not Lincoln – Kennedy, but close” to see the similarities.

Q: Have you ever heard of Chester A. Arthur? Do you know anyone actually named Chester?

Do What You Love To Do

Do What You Love To Do



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