Not Lincoln-Kennedy, but close

OK, so you all know about the eerie similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy:
1. Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy, Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln.
2. Lincoln was shot in a theater, and his killer fled to a warehouse (a barn).
Kennedy was shot from a warehouse (the Texas Book Depository), and his killer fled to a theater.
3. Lincoln and Kennedy both have seven letters in their last names.
4. Lincoln and Kennedy were both elected in a year ending in 60 (1860 and 1960).
And so on.

There are dozens. But did you know that Chester A. Arthur and our current president have some similarities as well? While they are from different political parties (as were Lincoln and Kennedy), they both have a mother born in the United States, and a father born in a foreign country. There was speculation that both Arthur and our current POTUS were not natural-born citizens of the United States, and legal action initiated in both cases to that effect.

Arthur had some issues filling his cabinet posts, as has our current POTUS.

Q: Do the similarities between Kennedy & Lincoln sound like conspiracy-nut stuff? Does anyone still read about dead presidents anymore?




4 thoughts on “Not Lincoln-Kennedy, but close

  1. wow this is great! I have never heard of any of those similarities between kennedy and lincoln. Very interesting and creepy at the same time.

    P.s.- im in your internet marketing class. My name is ethan.

    my blog- (wont let me make it a link)

    Also what widget did you select to get the subscription option in you sidebar?

    Great Work!

  2. Ethan – thank you for commenting. I am going over to check out your blog now.
    I didn’t add any widgets that I know of, I just used a standard template I found on WordPress. I tried one, but didn’t like the layout so I switched to the one you see now.
    And for some reason, your comments were in “Pending”, they didn’t show up right away on the site.
    As a blog reader, that would be extremely annoying, so I apologize and will try to fix that.

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