Black Belt

So my little one, the 14 year old, earned her Second Degree Black Belt, Decided, on April 24. She worked really hard to learn all the open forms, the weapons forms, and collect enough points through competition to qualify for her tests. She passed, with flying colors side-kicks, to earn her Second Degree in Tae Kwon Do Karate. I am REALLY proud of her, because I know how much effort it takes to stick to something until you achieve your goal.

Somebody asked me once why I teach my girls how to kick people in the head. My answer is always the same: Because I can. And my girls need to know that if someone needs kicking in the head, they will have the skill, talent, and above all, the wisdom, to make that decision when the time comes.

I have a recurring daydream where my little one is in some nightclub or bar, just having a night out with her friends, and some guy decides to do something really, really stupid. And she just crouches for a second, kicks him right in the head with a round-kick, and picks up her glass like nothing happened.  You go, kiddo. My girls rock. Don’t mess with them. They will kick you in the head.


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