Phew! Found those millions of missing people…

Marketplace, an NPR show, found the missing millions of people. Thank God! I was afraid they got wiped out by Obama. They clarified Obama’s speech – he mentioned “30 million Americans without health insurance”. Marketplace stated that when you take out illegal aliens, and people who can afford health insurance but choose not to buy it, you go from around 46 or 47 million down to about 30 million.

Well. That kind of cuts the problem down by over 30 percent, don’t it? Doesn’t seem like such a massive problem when over 30 percent of the problem just disappears in a neat accounting trick.

Oh yeah: So I just heard that “no one should go bankrupt due to health costs”. Really? Man, bring on the excessive food, the lack of exercise, the alcohol and the cigarettes! Why should I worry about whether I am healthy as long as someone else is going to pay?

Question: Do YOU understand the “health care debate”? If so, please leave a comment, in bullet point format, that breaks down the problem we are trying to solve.


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