Gettin’ Dirty For a Good Cause

The First Evar Delaware Mud Run was run on Sunday, October 11. This was a charity event to raise money for the Leukemia Research Foundation of Delaware – linked here.

The weather was great – warm and sunny. The people were great – nice and friendly. And the cause was great – raising money for Leukemia research. The organizers said they expected about 400-500 participants. They got about 1600. They were trying to raise about $50,000 and ended up with somewhere around $150,000.
A very successful day for a very good cause.

What is the Mud Run? Well, it’s a 5k Run/Walk through a very muddy obstacle course. It was held at Frightland, a Halloween-themed park near St. George, DE, just south of the canal. The racers all had a really good time, and got plenty muddy in the process. My little one competed with three other instructors from the ATA Karate School in Elkton, Maryland on a team named “Run Ninja Run”.

Check out the Mud Run.


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