One More Communist in China

Comrade Obama visits the homeland. This prez is starting to make me a little queasy. Any of the rest of you get that feeling at all?

I submit the following for your consideration:
Obama would not go to the Berlin Wall Coming Down remembrance celebration in Germany last week. He sent Hillary instead, so she could represent the US, while other countries sent their actual presidents, chiefs-of-state, or folks who really contributed to the destruction of Communism in Eastern Europe and the eventual collapse of the Soviet Onion (sic).  Maybe he didn’t want to celebrate the end of Communism?

Then he heads for Asia, where he’s gonna lecture the Chinese on human rights. Right. Remember, though, in Obama’s world, a human only exists and has rights IF it survives the womb. Killing humans BEFORE they become humans is OK, because it’s a “medical procedure”. And before you light up my inbox, email me and we can chat about abortion – I have an opinion and some very personal experience with the subject.

But before the Faker in Chief gets all the way to the Motherland, he stops off in Japan and bows to the Emperor.
There’s a picture and story here. It just irks me that this president has absolutely NO sense of history, no sense of who the POTUS is or is supposed to be. I get it – Japan and America are good friends now. We are respectful of each other. The past is long past. They attacked us long ago, in a different age, when their military ambitions got the better of them. We bombed the living sh*t out of them, and they calmed right down, so we rebuilt their country for them. But that doesn’t mean that our Dear Leader bows down before their Emperor. This prez is seriously pissing off huge sections of our nation. For Christmas this year, I will send him a history book on America.

Which brings us to China. Remember China? Filled with Communists willing to engage in capitalistic commerce as long as they can keep frog-marching Tibetans, polluting like crazy, killing girl babies and censoring the Internet. But don’t ask them to lighten up on the human rights abuses, because they just might get perturbed and ask for their trillions in Treasury debt to get paid off. Yeah, in case you weren’t counting, China owns the Fed now.

But they wouldn’t do that, would they? Nah – cause we would just bomb the living sh*t out of them. Wait, what? Osama’s the Prezident? Never mind. I think he gave the nuclear launch codes to Iran.

Updated Post:
Commenter Preston pointed out that Nixon also bowed to the Japanese Emperor. But a story I read about that points this out:
“The bow as he (Obama) performed did not just display weakness in Red State terms, but evoked weakness in Japanese terms….The last thing the Japanese want or need is a weak looking American president and, again, in all ways, he unintentionally played that part.” Read the article.


5 thoughts on “One More Communist in China

  1. Who cares if he bowed. President Dwight D. Eisenhower bowed to Charles de Gaulle (Leader of France) and President Richard Milhous Nixon bowed to Emperor Hirohito (Leader of Japan) but don’t let the facts get in the way, believe the lies you want but the facts stay constant.

  2. Preston: Thanks for the historical perspective – I will definitely go look that up. And the fact that Obama bowed in and of itself isn’t what irked me so much. It’s the constant “I hate America” drumbeat that his actions and words seem to convey. He seems to be constantly apologizing for America. I understand that many feel that after 8 years of Bush, we got some serious ‘splaining to do. But I don’t think that our elected President should be bowing before foreign leaders. Ike was just being polite: He organized the liberation of France. Tricky Dick? Well, he did a lot of good and bad. Got us out of Viet Nam, but sort of bungled his personal legacy along the way.

  3. One more thing: I don’t think the picture is lying. Obama is bowing. Unless the lie you are referring to is some statement that no other president ever bowed, which I did not make in the post. Peace to you, brother.

  4. I just want his actions to start matching his words. This is a man with a grand sense of idealism and a bad case of hubris, but little understanding of reality. He talks about restoring America to her former glory; all the while he pushes an agenda that takes us further and further away from traditional American principles.

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