Tin Grin

So, I got braces. OK, they’re about 35 years later than they should have been. My parents couldn’t afford to get me braces when I was a kid. I had healthy, albeit crooked, teeth. I’ve always had strong, healthy teeth. But they’ve always been pretty darn crooked, too. It’s not my folks’ fault – they had four kids to feed and not a lot of resources so the money went into more important stuff. Like food and a roof over our heads.

I hated the way my teeth looked. I usually don’t smile with my mouth open in photos. I always wanted to get braces, just never got around to it. The little Ninja got hers off the day mine went on. My two girls both have their braces off now, and their smiles and teeth look great. I can wait the two years it will take to get my grill lookin’ good.

It’s part vanity, I know. But it’s also healthy. I will continue to develop healthy habits and take care of my teeth, and one day will feel much more self-confident about my appearance.

So go ahead – call me Tin Grin, Metal Mouth, Brace Face. Just don’t call me late to dinner. Actually, I take that back. I have found a cure for obesity – it’s called braces. Yup, they hurt. And you just don’t want to eat once you get your braces on. Both of my girls claim they lost weight while they had their braces on, and I guess I am on the orthodontic diet too. I get it now – it hurts to eat, they’re a pain in the butt to clean, they feel disgusting after you eat. I already cut the snacking out completely – WAY too much work. And mealtimes? Well, anyone who knows me knows I am not exactly overweight, but I could lose a few pounds. And I guess I will.

See ya in two years, grinnin’ like a fool.


3 thoughts on “Tin Grin

  1. this raining is following down. if latoya will call me now and get ready to on the road with bianca and latoya. when the raining will stop. and we are going to a beach because the raining is following down.

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