Hope for 2010

First of all, let’s get one thing perfectly straight: How to pronounce the new year 2010. It’s “twenty-ten”. Repeat after me: “Twenty-ten”. Like counting the bills that will be in your wallet when this sluggish economy finally starts turning around.

It’s not: “Two-thousand-ten”, or “Two-thousand-and-ten”. Too long. Too much last decade, which everyone refused to name. The “Oh-Oh’s”. The “Aughts”. Like .30-06, one of my Dad’s favorite rifle calibers and a pretty good year  – “aught – 6”. Anyway, boys and girls, that one’s dead and gone.

So here we are, in “twenty-ten”, and it’s starting to look pretty hopeful. So here’s my prayer: Let’s stop calling each other names (Left and Right), let’s agree to disagree on some major ideals and policies, but let’s work together on real stuff that needs to be changed – tort reform, simplified tax code, jobs creation. Let’s forget the Global Warming crap and have everyone acknowledge we all have a responsibility to treat the planet with respect. So do your part by recycling your trash, composting your yard waste, walking or taking the bus (if you live in an area that HAS buses), or buying a motorcycle and saving gas.

Let’s treat each other with respect, but still work for a better, stronger country.


5 thoughts on “Hope for 2010

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  2. @Kathiek – 2K10? Yuck. What would be the point? Y2K was so last century. I made sure the computers didn’t blow up (at least, the ones processing stock and bond trades in late 1999) and then we moved on to the “Aughts”. Now we’re in the “Tens”, or the “Teens”, or the New Victorian Era or something. Name that decade!

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