“Your healing Word, I receive”

The below description is from the Healing Rooms of Chester County. These folks provide an amazing Christ-centered spiritual healing experience. One location is currently hosted by Avondale Presbyterian Church in Avondale, PA:

” The Whole Gospel to the Whole Person”

Vision:  The vision for the Healing Rooms of Southern Chester County is to offer the healing power of Jesus Christ through prayer to all who are sick.  We do this in the context of a clear presentation of the Christian Gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit.

What is the “Hearling Rooms of Southern Chester County” ?  The Healing Rooms of Southern Chester County is a multi-church ministry of prayer to heal the sick and impact our communities with the love and power of Jesus Christ.

We are not a counseling ministry, church, pastoral ministry or a medical unit of any kind.  We are a ministry of prayer based on biblical truths concerning healing that comes through the saving power of God in Jesus Christ.  We are a Christian ministry that is biblically orthodox in our basic beliefs.

So if you are in need of some spiritual healing along with your physical healing that may be taking place, drop by on a Saturday morning. Please consider supporting this ministry financially if you feel led to do so.


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