Wreckin’ Silly – Ation (Reconciliation)

Or – here come some Health Care, ready or not!

So, the President has ordered all your Congress Critters to perform some Reconciliation magic on the Health Care Reform bills in the House and Senate. This is because reforming Health Care, about 17% of the ENTIRE US Economy, is more important than anything else!

Do you believe that? Some polls show that people support certain items included in the Health Care bills, and the Democrats sprinkled some Republican “ideas” or “nuggets” into the bills to make them bi-partisan, but come on – really? How are we going to pay for this?

It’s now or never, the Prez sez. I say, back to drawing board, Congress Critters. I know you can do better. But first, please break down the problem we are trying to solve into digestable chunks. Rising premiums – yeah, got that. 31 millions Americans without ANY health insurance – OK, I got that too. But after that, it starts getting a little murky. What about malpractice lawsuit caps? Texas has ’em, seems to work pretty well.

So how about it folks? Is it really now or never? And can we really afford to make it now or never?


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