Feeling Over-Taxed?

I suspect that PA decided to balance the state budget through a unique program of selectively finding tax-payers throughout the state and sending them notices of small taxes due for prior years. For example, I received a notice that I owed something like $137 from 2007. I checked my return copies, checked with my tax preparer, and sent a letter of disagreement back to the PA Dept. of Revenue, stating I did not agree, and could you please explain the reason for this letter?

In return for not paying the $137 supposedly-owed tax, I received another letter, stating I owed around $400 in unpaid taxes from 2008. I sent this letter back with another letter of my own, disagreeing (once again!) that I did not owe this additional tax, since the state saw fit to increase my income on their paper, but failed to actually let me have the money they say I earned.

In return for not paying the $400, I received yet another letter, this time saying I owed $3500, because they were disallowing all the taxes I paid in 2006 to another state, where I worked in 2006. To that letter, I replied with copies of my tax returns, showing the non-resident return, the PA Schedule G-S, etc.

All the while, I had not received any acknowledgment of the other letters I had sent. I tried calling their telephone number, over a dozen times in one day – busy signal every time.

Finally, I received a letter telling me, in effect, yup, I was right, I did NOT owe them them $400. Well, there’s a nice surprise. Hey, they got one right.

Then, I received an Assessment for the $3500, with instructions on how to appeal. Which I have. <- (Princess Bride reference)

So my question, gentle reader, is this – does it seem like the state of PA decided to send out some small “you owe us some back tax” notices to say, a million PA tax-payers, with the hope that most would just pay the bill and forget it? Is this a sly way of balancing the budget? What if I HAD paid the first erroneous tax bill? Now I would be expected to pay the rest, wouldn’t you think?

So lesson for the day folks: keep good tax records.

Peace – Chester


5 thoughts on “Feeling Over-Taxed?

  1. I am sure they DO hope people will just pay it. Seems like a lot of robbing Peter to pay Paul, in my opinion. I am sure glad for your sake that you do keep good records.

  2. Oh, it gets even better: Since I posted this, they sent me another notice that’s the exact same as one of the previous one. Plus, after I filed my appeal online, with attached scanned documents, I received a notice that they couldn’t open my attachment. So I opened it and printed it, so I can fax it to them. Next, I’ll probably get a notice that they can’t read the fax.

  3. The appeals officer did get my fax, and emailed me to that effect. It’s kind of funny, in a way. They are disallowling my non-resident taxes paid to DE for income I earned on my job. The funny part is I have worked in DE for years, and never had any issue with the state taxes collected in DE and paid in PA.

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