Vive le France!

I need to figure out where the accent marks go, but BOY have I learned a lot about France over the last few days.

Maybe I should back up just a bit – sorry the blog is so out-of-date. Summer happened. I had tons a things to write about, and not one spare minute to capture it all – the oil spill in the Gulf, the local and national politics, the heat wave on the East Coast.

My little one, the 15 year old, asked if we could host a French foreign-exchange student for 3 weeks in the summer. Sure, we said. What could be so hard about that? A spare bed, a few meals and some showers… no problem.

Turns out, we ended up with two, because the Exchange Student organization was running short of host families. The idea is that motivated, English-speaking (to a good extent) French students get to come to experience the US by staying with an American family for 3 weeks.

Then my two girls decided they would move to the basement so the French students could have their rooms. Then the older, college-bound daughter decided she needed her room painted – right before the French students got here. So it was massive house-cleaning and painting, and landscaping, and you get the idea.

Well, the French students arrived last week – two of the lovliest, friendliest, smartest 16 year old French young ladies you could ever want to meet. They are from Aix-en-Provence (which I can pronounce, now) which is in the south of France, near Marseilles. They are absolutely charming.

My kids get along with them really well. They watch movies, catch up with their folks and friends in France over the internet, help us shop, cook, clean up, make French food, teach us French words, and in general just have us all really enjoying the summer.

I thought the English were civilized until I met the French. No wonder the English (and other groups) pretend not to like the French. Turns out, they’re all jealous. If these girls are anything like the rest of the French, everyone needs to go to France, apologize and then spend some money enjoying the finest manners, culture, food and art the world has to provide.

I am going to France at the next opportunity. And it just so happens that I know some really cool people who live in the south of France, really close to the Med, near the nicest beaches in the world. Vive le France!


2 thoughts on “Vive le France!

  1. Pete – OK. But realize you have signed up for a lot of my trips – are you sure you want to spend that much time trekking around the world? Well, you survived the Pocomoke River canoe trip, so you could probably survive for a few weeks in St. Tropez….

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