Community Groups and end of the riding season


So we started up some Community Groups at our church. The definition of a Community Group is: three or more people with a common vision for an activity. I started one for motorcyclists, and bought a ’97 Honda Shadow for my buddy Pete to learn to ride.  This is an excellent beginner’s motorcycle – well balanced, low seat height and center of gravity, and simple controls.

Plus, this thing has a “softtail” suspension, using a nitrogen-filled monoshock in the rear end. Much more confy than my Sportster. Makes me want to buy the bigger Harley now.

Even though the weather here in beautiful SE Pennsylvania has been really nice for the past several Fall weekends, I haven’t got out to ride – the Harley is currently getting some engine work, and Mrs. Chester has needed some extra TLC lately. Hence – the end of the riding season.

And the above is also the main reason for lack of blogging. I have thought about the blog nearly every day, but just sitting down long enough to write a post has been daunting. Taking advantage of that now.

So Chester Jr. got his Outdoor Community Group up and running, and took some folks down to the range today. We shot the shotguns for a while. I even fired the 20-gauge tactical shotgun one-handed and managed to hit at least one clay pigeon. Then it was over to the pistol range, and we shot the .38 and the .22, and the other fellow’s 9mm and .22 revolver. I really liked the .22 Ruger – single action, long barrel, really nice tight groups.

Peace – Chester


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