It’s a Jeep thing…

Remember the 15 year old who wanted to host the French students? Well, she’s turning 16 this month. What does every 16 year old girl want for her birthday? A Jeep, of course! Really? OK, they’re good cars, but a Wrangler? Well, that’s what she wanted.  So we went shopping for a gently-used Wrangler, and found a ’98 in pretty good shape. It has a hard top, but that can be removed in the summer so it just has the roll bars. This Jeep needs a little work, but what 12 year old car doesn’t? And it’s so easy to work on – everything can be reached easily (so far). And the little Ninja likes it, so that’s what counts. I drive an ’07 Liberty myself, and I really like Jeeps, because along with Willys, they practically invented 4-wheel drive. It’s a Jeep thing.

Ever driven a Jeep? Ever got one stuck? Me neither. Put your story in the comments section.

Peace and Transfer Cases – Chester


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