My Tai is very Chi

So I started taking a Tai Chi class. Mainly because it’s:
A. Free
B. At my work site
C: At 7:00 AM one day a week.

Don’t miss any work, learn a new skill, get some fitness while I am at it. Perfect. Just like the Krav Maga classes I took previously, it really helps me to learn something while I am doing some kind of exercise.

Here’s the deal: Tai Chi is pretty interesting. The instructor, Vistoria, explains everything very well. The class pace is nice and slow, yet builds on the previous material. I am trying to practice at home between classes.

And here’s the other deal: It DOES relax and energize you. I recommend this to all couch potatoes like myself who need to get some exercise, but can’t see themselves on a treadmill or elliptical trainer.

Oh yeah – I actually started working out at the company gym too, mainly because I need to, and also because the company has incentivized me to do so. 3 days a week, for about 45 minutes total – 20 minutes of StairMaster and VH1, and 25 minutes on the Nautilus equipment. Plus an extra 30 minutes on Tai Chi day.

Question: Have you ever tried any Martial Arts? How about Marital Arts? They’re very similar – lots of sparring.

Peace – Chester


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