Happy New Year 2011

New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Take a better care of Mrs. Chester
 – 2010, as a year, sucked. For many reasons. But mainly because Mrs. Chester had such a rough time. I resolve to do a much better job taking better care of her this year.

2. Work out at the gym regularly
– Since my company is going to provide an incentive (other than the nearly free on-site fully equipped gym) to work out, I should get my sorry ass in gear and work out regularly. I started in December to make sure the habit stuck.

3. Get my fiscal rear in gear
– 2010 was a rough year financially, likely for a lot of other people too. I resolve to cut expenses, watch costs, save as much as possible, and work hard to maximize opportunities. One thing I am going to do is save my new “tax cut” in payroll SSI taxes and invest it in the stock market. I know, I am supposed to spend it to stimulate the economy. Screw that – the money is supposed to go into my Social Security account for when I retire later. So I am going to save it for my retirement later.

Got any New Year’s resolutions? I’d like to hear about them.

Peace – Chester


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