Dogpiss of the Year Award – 2011

Stephen King once wrote something like “if you die in an accident, you are a hero. If you take someone else with you, you are dogpiss.”

First of all, our prayers go out to the families of the shooting victims in Arizona. Our hearts hurt with you, and we pray that God and His son Jesus Christ comfort you. We also pray for Gabrielle Giffords and all the other wounded victims, that they may have speedy and full recoveries. We pray for the agents, prosecutors, defense attorneys, witnesses and jury members who must now go through the trial of the deranged gunman.

Finally, we pray for the deranged gunman himself. I award him the Dogpiss of the Year – 20011 Award, and will not use his name in print or pixels. Often these people want to be remembered for their deeds. So when you see a puddle of dog piss…..

I know that mental health is a huge issue in our country, but there is just no excuse for taking violent action against unarmed people. Two of the gunshot victims were in their 70’s, and one was just a little 9-year-old girl.

Dog piss.

Oh yeah. And the media? Trying to paint this insect as “right-winger” or inspired by talk-radio? Not true, didn’t happen. If anything, this nut was an anarchist or a leftist.

Peace – Chester


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