*Almost* Riding Season

So winter is actually gone, and according to the calendar, it is, in fact, Spring. It’s April 2, 2011 and it snowed here yesterday in beautiful North Pole southeastern PA. Yeah – SNOWED. White stuff falling from the the sky in big fat flakes. Didn’t last long, but MAN I cannot wait until Global Warming kicks in. My old(er) bones could use a break from winter.

Riding season will soon be here in earnest, so it’s time to sell the bikes. Yup, that’s right. Selling both the Honda Shadow and Harley Sportster. Time for a bigger, smoother ride. I went looking around, and basically settled on a Road King. 2002 or later, in some form of red color.

I loved my Sportster – it was a great bike. I rode that thing for miles. It still runs and looks great, but everything I now want in a motorcycle can’t be had on the Sporty. So it’s time for an upgrade.


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