OK, NOW it’s Riding Season, part IV

Well, I guess I need to update my profile picture now, since that little 883 Sportster is with me no more. She was a great little motorcycle, my first Harley-Davidson and will be sorely missed (except by my old man butt).

Picked up the 2004 Road King Custom, in Lava Red, today. Rode it all the way back from Langhorne, PA to beautiful Chester County. I could not get the smile off my face. What a difference. It’s not just the bigger engine, or the smoother ride, or the extreme nimble handling, or the comfy footboards, or the nice power range at highway speeds. Well, OK, it IS all that.

So I raise my glass (remember, if I ain’t ridin’, I’m drinkin’ – water) to all my friends and colleagues who provided advice, insight, tips and tricks into how to get a better ride.

And a special shout-out to my man Pete Richardson, who’s blog is linked on this one. Go read Pete’s blog – he’s intelligent, erudite, concise and poetic. Bascially, everything I am not, but hey, we should all want to be like Pete. He totally stepped up and helped out today, with the trailer loading and unloading, and driving the cage back from the dealer, and making the deal go down like a glass of fine brandywine. All’s I can say is, Pete’s natural biological brothers should be really glad they have a brother like Pete.

See you guys on the highways and byways this season. Ride safe.

Peace – Chester


3 thoughts on “OK, NOW it’s Riding Season, part IV

  1. Thanks, Jim. It worth it just to hang with you a bit and catch up. Hopefully sooner rather than later, I’ll have my own Harley and we can do some riding together!



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