French Connection, again

Well, my son is coming home from France tomorrow. He spent 3 weeks in the south of France, vacationing with our French students we hosted last year, and their families. Apparently he had a great time visiting all the towns in south France, touring around and going to the beach near St. Tropez.

Not only is my son coming back, but he is bringing three young French countrymen with him – the two female students and a male friend of theirs. So we will have a full house for the next few weeks, brushing up on our French, eating really good food and hanging out with the young people. They will stay with us for a couple of weeks, then head to New York for a few days before returning to Aix-en-Provence.

I hope to go to France next year, or maybe the year after. I would really like to see the countryside, enjoy the wine, food and people of south France. Our friends from there are so nice, we just love having them come visit us for a bit this summer.

Maybe I can talk the girls into going for a ride on the Road King – who knows?


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