Sometimes, “Green” = “Idiocy”

Bike lane in Cardiff, Wales is 8 feet long, designed to encourage “green transport”.

Here’s a link to the article:

The article mentions that the bike lane was installed for around $3300 dollars, is 8 feet long, and takes about 1 second for cyclist to traverse it. The article also says that the purpose of the bike lane to allow cyclists to turn safely against traffic at a busy intersection. Somehow the part about encouraging “green transport” crept into the article.

This is probably not the best example of green idiocy, but I found it amusing. It seems like the trend is to make something “green” in order to make it acceptable for the biomass of people who swallowed the whole “global warming” scam without question. Remember “global cooling”? That was only back in the ’70’s, folks, not THAT long ago.

I agree that the planet MAY be changing, and that man-made causes MAY have something to do it, but I don’t think we need to radically tax the living crap out of everyone and everything in order to “fight global warming”. Only to find out 20-30 years from now that global cooling was all wrong. I mean, global warming.


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