What an over-worked topic. Well, maybe not. “Friends” on Facebook. The TV Show “Friends”. All the advice about friends:

“If you can count on one hand your true friends, count yourself lucky.”

“Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.”

Or my favorite update to that one:

“Friends help you move. Real friends sit on the cot next to you in the cell, and say, “THAT was AWESOME!”.”

I have friends like that. Like Pete & Bill. I called up my friend Bill once to ask a favor (which involved a six-hour road trip and attempted car repairs in a pouring rain storm) and before I could even finish laying out the favor, he said yes, and was on his way to my house to start the trip.

I called up Pete once and asked if he wanted to hang out and watch some TV. Not only did Pete say yes, he came up with this awesome concert video on Netflix, knowing how much we both enjoy the blues.

Or like Al and Karen. Turns out that Mrs. Chester has some therapy that involves watching the TV show “Lost”. Al & Karen come over, sometimes we eat, and we watch a few episodes of Jack and Locke, Kate and Sawyer, Sayid and Jin and Sun hanging around in Hawaii. And it’s very cool for Mrs. Chester.

So I am very grateful for the friends. Bernie Taupin said it best, in “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters”:

I thank the Lord for people I have found.

Let me know about your friends.


2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Well, you already said a thing or two about Bill, and if I mentioned all the crap you got me through, I’d have to write a book. I thank the Lord for you, my friend.


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