Mid-year update on the Jan 1 Res

So back in January I posted some New Years Resolutions. I guess I wanted some goals to put in front of me. Partly to have something positive to look forward to, and partly for self-improvement. Well, it’s a little past mid-year, but if you read the Odyssey post, you now know why I was sometimes off doing other stuff.

Here’s the standings in  late July:

1. Read More – Done. right now we are reading Charles Spurgeon’s daily devotions that he first published in 1865. We have read about Winston Churchill, and we read “The Case for a Creator” by Lee Strobel.

2. Learn More – Done. I got an iPhone back in January. Chester Jr. calls it the “wizard box”, as in,  “type that into the the wizard box and see what it says.” Great for getting maps, finding businesses, learning stuff. And looking up arcane bits of knowledge.

3. Exercise More – Done. Hit the gym 3 – 4 days a week, pretty consistently. And I am up to 100 crunches or more per exercise session. Abs are coming back! I did find out, though, that at my age, exercise has a cost: not just the sore muscles, which I can deal with. But it appears I have arthritis in my right shoulder, so I had to modify the exercise to minimize aggravating my shoulder.

4. Ride More – Done. But it’s really only riding back and forth to work. Which is still nice. I did take the longest ride yet on the Road King, back in May. We held an 80th Birthday for my Dad, the Master Chester. Got my sisters and nephews and a cousin to play some music with my Dad, eat a nice dinner, have a few drinks and hang out and see the whole Chester clan. A very nice time. Tiny Dancer rode on the Road King with me all the way to Washington, DC for the party. Mrs. C, Chester Jr and Little Ninja rode in the Grand Cherokee behind. 2+ hours down, same back. Almost all highway, a nice smooth ride. I liked the long pull on the bike, but Tiny Dancer complained her butt was getting numb on the way back. Might be time to upgrade to a gel-filled seat.

How are you guys coming with your New Years Res? Let me know in the comments section.


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