Disclaimer: I wrote this back in May, 2012. I marked it Private, but have now marked it Public for both Crazy Chester readers…

I decided to blog about the trips. On the first one, we left home at 9:25 AM after fueling up on cheap(er) Maryland gas. I called the arrival time at 6:30 PM. Mrs. Chester was not feeling real great so I just let her sit and rest for a while.
We headed west on I-70 all the way across Maryland. Mrs. C revived quite a bit and called 6:45, thereby boxing in my time. This is a time-honored strategy in the road game of “Guess what time we will arrive”.


I took us out I-68 to Cumberland, then tried to take US 40 up to 70. Got us goofed up in the back hills of PA and we bushwhacked our way up to Washington, PA where we finally picked up 70 West. We passed General Braddock’s grave and bought gas at Keyser’s Ridge.

We got into Columbus around 7, so I lost the game. Checked into the hotel and ordered delivery from an Italian restaurant.

Today, May 4 we visited OSU Medical Center and met a lot of folks. Info was very good but there was a lot to process. Time to come clean on the whole Mrs. Chester ordeal: Mrs. Chester has cancer, if you haven’t already figured that out. We got her into a clinical trial at Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. This is Phase 3 of a new study drug, that we hope will work really well for Mrs. Chester.

On this trip, we stayed two nights in Columbus, then drove back to PA. Looks like future trips will have to be once a week, if we are accepted into the study.


Back on the blog….at least for a while

“Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
Where have you been? It’s alright we know where you’ve been.
You’ve been in the pipeline, filling in time,
provided with toys and Scouting for Boys.
You bought a guitar to punish your ma,
And you didn’t like school, and you know you’re nobody’s fool,
So welcome to the machine.”

Mrs. Chester has been really sick, and anyone who knows me personally knows what that means. Oh I’ve been filling in time – I know every single crack and line on the road from here to West Chester. I could drive that road backwards, in my sleep without a mirror, and still arrive in one piece.

It’s no one’s fault. Nobody WANTS to get a serious illness. It just happens, sometimes. Not genetic. Not lifestyle. Not living over a toxic waste site. It just happens. So you deal with it.

Welcome to the machine.

No More Tin Grin

Finally got the braces off. Boy, do my teeth appreciate that! I still have to wear a retainer at night, and I have a permanent one put in my lower teeth, but it’s way better than those brackets and wires.

After nearly 50 years of crooked teeth, I finally have straight ones. I don’t mind smiling for pictures now. And a big shout out goes to my orthodontist, Smedley Orthodontics of West Chester, Downingtown and Coatesville. This ortho practice was the one of the most efficient, friendliest and easiest places to work with I have ever experienced. They were great from the first visit, always checking to make sure things were going well, giving me updates on the progress. Dr. Larry and Dr. Chris were really outstanding, and their staff of technicians were also really gentle (well, as gentle as they could be) and fun to work with.

I thank the Lord for the people I have found

While Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
Sons of bankers, sons of lawyers
Turn around and say good morning to the night
For unless they see the sky, but they can’t and that is why
They know not if it’s dark outside or light

I thank the Lord for the people I have found
I thank the Lord for the people I have found
– “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” – Elton John

I thank the Lord for the people I have found. Mrs. Chester is going through the roughest patch of her life right now, and the people I have found have been like family to us. Helping in every way possible.

So Thank YOU to the people I have found.


Where in the heck have I been?

M.I.A. Gone-zo. Half of of time I’m gone but I don’t know where.

Well, I do know where. I’ve been right here, thinking about the blog, and the blogosphere. Sometimes reading the news, catching up on world and local events. But mostly, I’ve been home, taking care of Mrs. Chester.

She really got nailed with some gnarly health issues, from last December until, well, now. I won’t go into details, but she’s better now, on the mend and on the long slow road back from health oblivion.

Let me take a minute to publicly thank all the folks who really stepped up and helped me. I could not, and did not, do this thing alone. First, our Home Church members were outstanding – they prayed with us and for us, brought us meals, picked up the little Ninja from school and drove her to the karate gym, visited Mrs. Chester in the hospital, and generally were very supportive. So thank you guys, for all you did.

Speaking of the little Ninja, she really helped out too. Mostly around the house, doing the dishes and laundry so I could keep the bills up to date and visit Mrs. Chester as often as possible until she came home.

My son was very helpful once we got Mrs. Chester home, since he works nights and I work days. We took turns taking care, doing round-the-clock rotations for the first couple of weeks. I found that sleep is overrated.

Finally, our church at large was also a big help. Some members came to the hospital, others kept up the prayer vigil to see her through the darkest hours we have ever known. I don’t know if this over, but I do know what darkness and light look like. I’ll stick with the light, thank you Jesus.

Praise God she is feeling better.

Peace – Chester

My Tai is very Chi

So I started taking a Tai Chi class. Mainly because it’s:
A. Free
B. At my work site
C: At 7:00 AM one day a week.

Don’t miss any work, learn a new skill, get some fitness while I am at it. Perfect. Just like the Krav Maga classes I took previously, it really helps me to learn something while I am doing some kind of exercise.

Here’s the deal: Tai Chi is pretty interesting. The instructor, Vistoria, explains everything very well. The class pace is nice and slow, yet builds on the previous material. I am trying to practice at home between classes.

And here’s the other deal: It DOES relax and energize you. I recommend this to all couch potatoes like myself who need to get some exercise, but can’t see themselves on a treadmill or elliptical trainer.

Oh yeah – I actually started working out at the company gym too, mainly because I need to, and also because the company has incentivized me to do so. 3 days a week, for about 45 minutes total – 20 minutes of StairMaster and VH1, and 25 minutes on the Nautilus equipment. Plus an extra 30 minutes on Tai Chi day.

Question: Have you ever tried any Martial Arts? How about Marital Arts? They’re very similar – lots of sparring.

Peace – Chester

Tin Grin – part 2

Update, almost a year to the day: My teeth are nearly completely straight! The uppers are completely straight, and the lowers have the last tooth sliding into place, turned the right direction and lining up nicely. I’ll probably need to wear a retainer but so what? I actually don’t mind smiling anymore – except after meals, of course.

Peace and brackets – Chester